Friends of Jerónimo Cycles #1 – TUXA


Tuxa met Pedro Jerónimo for the first time in 2017. She was looking for a bicycle more suited for traveling and longer rides. She wanted a bicycle that was comfortable, fun, and, of course, pretty! Pedro asked her if she wanted to try a Jerónimo Ti that was sitting at his place. A couple of days later, Tuxa took this bicycle to the Alentejo (Portugal) for a bikepacking trip with friends and it was love at first ride! Being used to a vintage steel road bike, the feel of the titanium frame conquered Tuxa immediately. “Pedro, can I keep it?” was the first thing she said when she came back.

Tuxa loves the fact that she rides a bike designed by someone that she actually knows and is, like her, Portuguese. After several trips and many kilometres on the road, her passion for cycling is stronger than ever. And because when you are in love you always have beautiful ideas, Tuxa created her own brand of custom, home-made cycling caps. You might want to check out Cabeça de Martelo. These caps are made with love!


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